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Rev. Addie Aylestock
(1909 - 1998)
First ordained Black female Church minister in Canada.
Dr. Afua Cooper
(born 1957)
Jamaican-born Canadian historian, author and dub poet
Dr. Anderson Ruffin Abbot
(1837 - 1913)
Canada's first licenced Physician
Anne Cools
(born 1943)
Retired Senator. First Black person appointed to Canada's Upper House
Barbara Howard
(1920 - 2017)
Sprinter, believed to be the first Black Canadian athlete to represent Canada in an international competition.
Carrie Best
(1903 - 2001)
Black Activist and Found The Clarion in 1946, the first black-owned and published Nova Scotia newspaper
Clement Virgo
(born 1966)
Canadian filmmake
Dr. Daurene Lewis
(1943 - 2013)
First Black female Mayor in Canada
Delos Davis
(1846 - 1915)
Canada's second Black Lawyer
Director X
Julien Christian Lutz
(born Oct. 31, 1975)
Famed Film and Music Director and Producer

Donald  H. Oliver, QC
(born 1938)
The first Black Canadian to have a seat in the Senate
Donovon Bailey
(born 1967)
First Canadian to win an Olympic gold medal in the 100 metre sprint
Dr. Dorothy Wills
(born 1933)
Canada's first Black female faculty Dean
Aubrey Drake Graham (born October 24, 1986)
Rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur

Elijah McCoy
(1844 - 1929)
Canadian-born inventor of the automatic oiler. The phrase "The real McCoy" is attributed to him.
Dr. Eugenia Duodu
(born 1989)
Canadian chemist and the CEO of Visions of Science Network for Learning (VoSNL).
Ferguson Jenkins
(born 1942)
First Canadian to be inducted to the Baseball Hall of Fame and ex Harlem Globetrotter
Frank Baylis
(born 1962)
 Canadian MP in  Pierrefonds—Dollard. President of Baylis Medical.
Entertainment Producer.
Françoise Abanda
(born 1997)
A Canadian professional tennis player. She reached her highest WTA singles ranking of 111 on October 9, 2017 and her highest WTA doubles ranking of 197 on September 8, 2014. She achieved a career high junior rank of No. 4
George Elliott Clarke, OC ONS (born 1960)
Canadian poet and playwright and served as the  Canadian Parliamentary Poet Laureate.
Gregory Charles
(born 1968)
Trinidadian-Canadian Radio Host, Television Host, classic Singer, Pianist, dancer, Actor
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Harry Jerome
(1940 - 1982)
100 m Olympic Bronze medallist (1964)
Isaac Phills
(1896 - 1985)
First World War veteran. Pioneer and first Black man to receive the Order of Canada.

Jarome Iginla
(born 1977)
Six-time National Hockey League All Star

Jean Alfred, PH.D
(born 1940)
First Black person at the National Assembly of Quebec (PQ).
Jean Augustine
(born 1937)
First Black woman in Canada's House of Commons and the first black woman in a federal Cabinet
John Ware
(1845 - 1905)
Black Canadian cowboy and rancher who brought the first cattle to Southern Alberta
Josiah Henson
(1789 - 1883)
Author, abolitionist, and minister,  widely believed to have inspired the character  in Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin
Juanita Westmoreland Traoré (born  1942)
First Quebec Black Judge and first Black Dean of a Law School
Kay Livingstone
(1919 - 1975)
Activist. One of Canada's leading Black actresses.
Lennox Lewis
(born 1965)
Canadian/British retired undisputed world heavyweight boxing champion
Lincoln Alexander
(1922 - 2012)
 24th. Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
Dr.  Lionel Carmant

Quebec (CAQ) Deputy Minister of Health since October 2018

Marie-Joseph Angélique
(unknown - 1734)
Slave who was convicted and executed for burning down her owners's home in Montreal
Marlene Jennings
(born 1951)
First Black woman from Quebec to be elected to Parliament with the Liberal Party of Canada
Mary Ann Chambers
(born 1950)
Former Ontario Member of Provincial Parliament and cabinet minister with the Liberal Party of Canada.
Mary Ann Shadd
(1823 - 1893)
The first Black woman publisher in North America and the first woman publisher in Canada
Mathieu DaCosta
(died around 1619)
First recorded black person in Canada. Five-language interpreter, translator and explorer.
Dr. Mayann Elizabeth Francis,
(born 1946)
31st Lieutenant Governor of the province of Nova Scotia.
Michael Lee-Chin
(born 1951)
Jamaican/Canadian founder and Chairman of Portland Holdings Inc.; Executive Chairman of AIC Limited and of the National Commercial Bank of Jamaica.
10th. richest Black person 2019
The Right Honorable Michaëlle Jean
(born 1957)
Former Governor General of Canada
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Nadine Girault

Quebec (CAQ) Minister of International Relations and La Francophonie since October 18, 2018
Oliver Jones
(born 1934)
Jazz pianist, organist, composer and arranger
Oscar Peterson
(1925 – 2007)
One of the greatest pianists. Eight Grammy winning Jazz pianist and composer.
Paul Smith
Jamaican who became Canada's first Black Naval Commander, appointed in 2010.
PK Subban
(born May 13, 1989)
Pernell Karl "P. K." Subban  is a Canadian Hockey NHL .defenceman now playing for the New Jersey Devils. He is a gold medal winner with Team Canada at the 2014 Winter Olympics.
Portia White
 (1911 – 1968)
The first Black Canadian concert singer to win international acclaim.
Raymond Gray Lewis
(1910 - 2003)
First Canadian-born Black Olympic track medalist.
Robert Nathaniel Dett
(1882 - 1943)
An early Black composer, organist, pianist and music professor.

Robert Sutherland
(1830 - 1878)
Canada's first Black university student and graduate and Canada's first Black lawyer.
Rosemary Brown
(1930 - 2003)
the first Black Canadian woman to be elected to a Canadian provincial legislature.
Stanley G. Grizzle
(1918 - 2016)
Canadian citizenship judge, soldier, political candidate and civil rights and labour union activist.
Tessa McWatt
(Born 1959)
Celebrated Writer, Author, Professor

Tracy Moore
Canadian television journalist and host of lifestyle magazine Cityline on CITY TV since October 2008
Trevor Payne
(born 1948)
 Canadian musician (Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir) and member of the Order of Canada
Tyrone Benskin
Canadian actor, theatre director and politician. He was elected MP in the Jeanne-Le Ber riding, in Montreal, Quebec, in the 2011 Canadian federal election and served as an MP until 2015.
Ulrick Chérubin
(1943 - 2014)
 one of the first Black Canadians to be elected a Mayor in Quebec.
Viola Davis Desmond
(1914 - 1965)
 Black Nova Scotian businesswoman who challenged racial segregation at a film theatre in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia in 1946. First Black Woman to be on Canadian banknote - $10 bill alone.
Vivian Bardot
(born 1941)
Former Member of Parliament  and Vice-President of the Bloc Québécois.
Senator Wanda Thomas Bernard, PhD, C.M., O.N.S,
A highly regarded Nova Scotian educator, social worker, researcher, and community activist. Professor at the Dalhousie School of Social Work. First Black Nova Scotian woman to serve in the Senate Chamber. She received
 the Order of Canada in 2004 and the Order of Nova Scotia in 2014.

Dr. Wayne Adams
(born 1943)
First Black Canadian member of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly
William Hall
(1827 - 1904)
First Canadian sailor and first black Canadian to receive the Victoria Cross.
Willie O'Ree
(born 1935)
Canada's first black hockey player in the National Hockey League
Wilson Ruffin Abbot
(1801 - 1876)
Successful Black businessman in Toronto. Father of  Dr. Anderson Ruffin Abbot
Yolande James
(born 1977)
Quebec's first black female Member of the National Assembly (ex) and the first black cabinet minister in Quebec.
Yvonne Atwell
(born 1943)
In 1998, Yvonne was the first African-Nova Scotian woman elected as a member of the Nova Scotia Legislative Assembly
Zanana Lorraine Akande
(Born 1937)
First Black woman elected to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, and the first woman from the African Diaspora to serve as a federal cabinet minister in Canada (NDP).
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